December 16, 2017



The fight for  legalization is in full force and a look at just how swiftly attitudes are changing nationwide is nearly enough to make anyone start buying pot penny stocks left and right. Though there has been both disappointing and encouraging signs from the federal government in regard to eventual reclassification or legalization of cannabis, we’re still seeing a state-by-state domino effect take place.

What started in Washington and Colorado spread to Oregon and Alaska. From there, to Nevada, California, Maine, and Massachusetts.


Legalize marijuana? Not everyone’s on board

Even with resounding successes in Colorado, Washington, and Oregon, many people still aren’t convinced that ending cannabis prohibition is a good idea. There are still concerns, to be sure, and we still don’t have a full grasp on what the endgame will look like for many years. But even so, many states and groups are steadfastly against the notion of legalization, and it’s unclear as to what, if anything, will change their minds.

For that reason, there are some states that may never see legalization, unless it comes from a change at the federal level. As for which states specifically, we looked at statewide polls (prior to the 2016 election) and research into the harshness of penalties related to marijuana to compile a short list. Here are six states that may never legalize marijuana on their own.


1. Georgia

Though “Hotlanta” is home to many rappers and liberal-minded folks who would likely fall squarely into the “support legalization” camp, Georgia is still a pretty conservative place. With that comes some strong resistance to cannabis legalization. A 2015 poll shows that less than half of the state’s residents support ending prohibition (though that may have changed), and punishments for possession are still among the worst in the country.


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