February 13, 2017


LEGALIZE IT Int, which was founded in February 2012, is a fast growing US based international organization. Its largely involved with marijuana legalization globally. We are a group of weed activists, we would fight till cannabis has the status it deserves in this world.

Our mission is to make reforms with respect to  harmful marijuana prohibition laws, rules, regulations, and social stigmas anywhere that they exist. We strongly believe that the world would be a HEALTHIER, WEALTHIER and BETTER place if weed was legal. We fight for a world where people are free to access, use and benefit from this amazing plant appropriately.

We have been directly and indirectly responsible for influencing many major state-level and international marijuana policy reforms since 2012.From  2012 up to December 2016, LEGALIZE IT Int. has spent $112,000 on marijuana legalization proceedings. 


We sponsor public advertising campaigns designed to inform the public about the costs of marijuana prohibition and the benefits of alternative policies; we reach out to the media and citizen activists focusing on recent developments pertaining to marijuana research and policy; publishes a regular newsletter; provides legal assistance and support to victims of the current marijuana laws; undertake relevant research; and organize seminars and conferences on this subject. We hope to take these meetings to different countries by the end of 2017.

Our organization currently holds 413 members, its members come from 52 countries in the world. The process of becoming a member is a tight one and is under review by the leading committee. We hope to build a community of people with one voice, legalize it!

We strongly believe in this plant. Its our duty as users of this plant to ensure that the rest of the world have access to all its unlimited benefits. All our members are ambassadors of the cannabis plant. We also believe that our partners should conduct themselves ethically, morally and appropriately, and put compassion and justice before profit.


There is a crazy prohibitionist propaganda that has been widespread for so many decades, and unfortunately, too many members of society still believe today. So we seek to educate and bring forth knowledge on the hidden benefits of this god plant. We also believe that the focus should be on the message, not the messenger, and that by helping spread the truth, that minds will be changed and the plant, and the cannabis community, will be freed.



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