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Wax is a sticky type of concentrates that should just be dealt with a (spotless) touch instrument. This sort won't work with your hands and will wind up getting on everything. Concentrates with decarboxylated THC, for the most part, winds up sappier, and the equivalent will, in general, go for CBD too, so don't be debilitated from everything that isn't hard break. Like budder, you ought to be sheltered to keep wax in a capacity that you have access for your spots. 


Fragrances of Kerosene, Petrol and that great OG Kush funk with entire other kick. The primary split of this group of wax and my noses swell open like opening a crisp container of gas. It's the ideal opportunity for a High Octane ride.


The Hit itself is smooth… in-truth terrifying smooth. Be that as it may, the flavors are so compelling its sickening. On the off chance that I had a decision this is all I would smoke for whatever remains of my life. The high itself is lounge chair locking! So don't anticipate doing anything excessively imperative!


White Fire OG Wax

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