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Silver Haze is a vigorously sativa prevailing hybrid (90% sativa/10% indica) strain made by raisers at the scandalous Sensi Seeds cultivates as a powerful cross between the madly well-known Skunk #1 X Northern Lights #5 X Haze strains. This damp bud is a clique most loved among numerous cannabis clients and flaunts a normal THC level extending from 20-24%. Silver Haze gets its name from the strongly glossy THC organs covering its buds. 


This bud has long thick pepper formed brilliant neon green nugs with gold and golden feelings and long thin rich golden hairs. These nugs are chilly with precious stone white trichomes and have a thick layer of sweet sticky tar. Silver Haze has a smell of impactful gritty pine and an essence of sharp earth with a trace of sweet pine upon breath out. Clients depict the Silver Haze high as one that is a solid sensible cerebral head high that abandons you glad, innovative, and vigorous. Purchase Silver Haze Marijuana Strain. 


Purchase Silver Haze Marijuana Online. This perceptive impact will stay after alternate impacts of the high, making Silver Haze a perfect wake-and-prepare strain. Because of these strong impacts, Silver Haze is a perfect strain for treating patients experiencing conditions, for example, constant pressure or nervousness, agony, or melancholy.


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Silver Haze

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