Buy Afghan Mazar Sharif Hash Online Today! Developed around the desert towns of Balkh, Mazar-I-Sharif, and Sheberghan in the furthest north of Afghanistan, near the advanced outskirts of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. This Mazar-I-Sharif strain delivers the unbelievable hashish known as "Shirak-I-Mazar" and "Drain of Mazar". 


The general population of these districts are an interwoven of Turkic, Tajik, Afghan and Pashtun clans, and the historical backdrop of Mazar-I-Sharif strains is probably going to be similarly mind-boggling. In fruitful and all around flooded soils these enthusiastic monsters are equipped for achieving 4 meters in tallness or more and will deliver a correspondingly monstrous yield of seriously resinous blossoms. Generally collected in the principal half of December with the beginning of the ruthless Central Asian winter, Mazar-I-Sharif plants will appreciate cool conditions, including snow, and will turn a profound dark red in low temperatures. Producers support leaving harvest as late as could reasonably be expected, here and there into early January. Sieved "Drain of Mazar" garda is exceptionally resinous thus can be unable to make charas; it has a particularly sharp, sweet smell and a groggily smooth high. Over-liberality delivers a mind-distorting, immobilizing and opiate impact.


The plants which are utilized for Hash generation are little and ragged Indicas - it'll commonly be a short and thickset Kush. 

Afghanistan Hashish is squeezed by hand under expansion of a little amount of tea or water. You should perceive how energetic the makers are. No alternate ways and no sluggishness. Many years of custom are filled making this. 


The Hashish is taken a shot at until the point that it turns out to be very versatile and has a solid sweet-smelling smell. Dark outwardly and delicate darker inside. This stuff is unique. 

The smell is unbelievably sweet. Some may confuse it with the smell of hot chocolate. 

The impacts are relatively opiate and produces an extremely physical and stony high. It's completely inconceivable to add some to a joint or smoke a bit in the pipe. 


It's anything but difficult to think little of the strength of Afghani since the high takes around 5 minutes to achieve its maximum capacity, so once more, PLEASE use alert when smoking and don't smoke excessively! 

THC%: 34%


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Afghan Mazar Sharif Hash

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