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Royal Kush, or "The King Among Hybrids," is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% Sativa OR 90% indica/10% Sativa) strain made through a cross of the notorious Afghani X Skunk #1strains. This madly amazing bud flaunts an exceptional THC level that regularly falls over the 25% stamp and a bunch of astonishingly intense indica impacts. The high begins in the head with a cloudy cerebral surge that abandons you madly inspired and euphoric yet with a far off reflective inclination that frees the brain of any hustling musings or agony. This head high gradually starts to ebb all through the body, abandoning you in a condition of absolute unwinding and languor that gradually crawls up on you before hitting you like a block divider. The reversal quite often prompts a profound and serene rest that goes on for quite a long time without interference. On account of these regularly overwhelming impacts, Royal Kush is said to be ideal for treating endless pressure, queasiness, incessant agony, a sleeping disorder, and mellow to direct instances of sadness. 

Buy Royal Kush Online, the buds have little to medium-sized light minty green uneven popcorn-formed nugs with woodland green hints, inadequate red-hot orange hairs, and a sandy fine cold layer of white precious stone trichomes. This bud has a taste and fragrance of sweet hearty skunk with an appetizing homegrown trailing sensation that waits for quite a long time after you complete the process of smoking


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Royal Kush

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